We specialize in automation and industrial robotics

Our culture of service and focus on accompanying the implementation of the project from start to finish are the necessary credentials to have an exceptional standard of work. We have experience in the consumer goods, mining industries and many others.

Learn about the industries we work with:

We develop robotic solutions that automate the process of packaging, packing, labeling, and palletizing products and boxes using robots, covering end-of-line applications and other procedures

At PAT S.A., you will find solutions for automation in agribusiness. For this reason, we have developed solutions that allow the automation of processes related to the end-of-line and the development of specific machines for each client and their needs.

We have a specialized team that understands the needs of the mining industry and is ready to help automate their processes, increasing the safety and efficiency of the sites.

We develop solutions that allow you to automate and simplify the logistics system.

We automate processes for the stationery industry for packing and palletizing napkins, rolls of industrial toilet paper, or tissues in all their formats.