Machine Vision

We implement artificial vision systems with reliable tools and standard criteria to achieve the expected quality in product inspection, quality control, code scanning, product classification, or object detection.

Inspection for Traceability

Automatic reading of barcodes, QR codes, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It allows for speeding up the process, achieving efficiencies in time and costs, and verifies the products of a given pallet, sending information in real-time to the management systems. In addition, the automatic barcode reading system can combine several shots to reconstruct a damaged code to improve the reading rate.

product validation

reconstruction of codes

improve error rate

SKU difference

database connected system

reading about wrap


By means of machine vision cameras, images are taken and these are processed by algorithms (software) to verify that the products meet the quality standards defined by our customers.

Quick return on investment

Increments the quality of the products

drastically reduces waste

low maintenance

low cost

3D Vision

We offer solutions with different 3D vision technologies (stereo vision, laser triangulation, or time-of-flight) for industry-specific applications, such as Bin Picking, quality control, box-sizing, object detection, and robot trajectory generation.

precision up to 0.5 μm

point cloud generation

easy and fast implementation

integration with various processes

low maintenance

proven and robust solutions