Industry 4.0

Our solutions are a reliable data source, which allows more efficient processes for correct and timely decision-making.

Traceability and Data Analytics

We have an integrated module for traceability and data analytics based on historical information. With this, OEE data (availability, speed, and quality) and other additional data are obtained. The report can be sent by email, uploaded to a CLOUD platform, a local database, or exported directly from the solution’s control panel.

RFID systems:

We solve inventory, traceability, safety, quality, and production losses, among others, through RFID technology, which allows us to identify and transmit information about an object through radio frequency waves.

Augmented reality

We provide the possibility of previewing the solution you want to implement in your plant, as well as an immersive experience that allows you to see, in real-time, the process variables in a virtual environment.

Digital twins

We faithfully replicate, and with highly specialized simulation tools, the detailed operation of a real-world solution in a digital environment. In this way, special conditions are tested, and the behavior of the solution is reviewed to apply preventive actions.

Industrial Cybersecurity

We are constantly concerned about the continuity of your processes, which is why we use connectivity equipment with high-security standards, preventing it from being harmed by malicious actions.

That is why we use encrypted connections, multi-factor authentication, and central identification for access to the control network in our remote assistance.

Horizontal and Vertical Integration

We have solutions prepared to exchange information with other machinery in your production or logistics process and communication at the operational and business planning levels.